Telling women what they need to hear

BOON Chocolate Café is a premium operation in Darlinghurst. After two years of development, they were ready to launch a range of soy based chocolate drinks.

In a market catering predominantly to blue-collar males and kids, women provided the obvious opportunity for a premium alternative.

Women are on a perpetual search for mental and physical perfection, and will try a lot of weird, alternative diet, exercise and treatment fads to achieve it.

These are invariably short-lived, unpleasant and inefficient. But undeterred by failure, women will always try the next big thing.

Chocolate, meanwhile, is a woman’s best friend, and used like a medicine, to feel better, both mentally and physically.

In other words, chocolate succeeds where all else fails. And it’s not going anywhere.

We may never be a trendy health product, but we can at least be:

Your wing-woman on the journey to mental and physical Nirvana.

Who’ll take on the unethical elements of the alternative well-being industry and tell them where to go.

Who won’t treat you as a victim, but as intelligent and with a sense of humour.

Who’ll tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear.

Who’ll laugh with you, at yourself.

Who’s got your back, and is always there to reward, comfort and support.