Turning conservative lobbyists into consumer activist

COBA – a lobby organisation that represents mutuals, credit unions and building societies – needed to gather grass-root support in order to generate leverage on the political stage.

However, creating passion for topics such as “the terms for a public inquiry into the financial system” was a challenge.

The conservative financial organisation had to step out of their comfort zone and show they were fighting for the people, not just for a bunch of banks.

The solution:

Relaunch COBA as a CONSUMER ACTIVIST organisation

COBA shed its dark suit and took up the fight against the abuse of power by the big four banks and the politicians who enabled them, and for fair and ethical banking for all Australians.

Driven by solving a cultural problem – people’s animosity towards the relationship between politics and big business – and inspired by fellow activists, such as GetUp!, Greenpeace and Anonymous, we went from the boardroom to the streets, from press releases to guerilla tactics and from solving the problems of banks to those of their customers.