Turning masculinity on its head

Gambling is a big problem in Australia, and problem gamblers are overwhelmingly male. Research showed that the big hurdle to seeking help is admitting to yourself and others that you have a problem. From their point of view, admitting such a thing means being weak, and their masculine pride prevents them from ever entertaining any thoughts that would threaten their identity as men.

We wanted to challenge this misperception of what constitutes manhood and turn it on its head. After all, what takes more guts: do the right thing and face social stigma, or chickening out in order to avoid it?

By focusing on the masculine virtues of taking responsibility for your actions and proactively solve the problems they cause, we aimed to

Portray seeking help as a sign of strength rather than a sign of weakness.

The campaign saw a 270% increase in people seeking help, and the second phase of the campaign has just been launched.