Taking on Uber

What do you do when you find yourself up against one of the most famous, popular and iconic brands of our times?

You go head to head with them.

With drivers being squeezed by Cabcharge and Government regulations, service was deteriorating and frustration grew amongst passengers. It was becoming a hostile environment in which drivers and passengers competed in outsmarting each other.

When Uber came along and made it all worse, it provided Ingogo with a clear purpose: to stop he downwards spiral.

Whereas Uber stood for competition, Ingogo would encourage collaboration between drivers and passengers. We called it:

The Collaborative Ecosystem.

We would deliver on our promise through product innovation.

Based on mutual feedback, rankings, and with other innovations such as ridesharing, both drivers and passengers would be rewarded for desired behaviours with preferential treatment and special offers – thereby creating a progressively better taxi experience for everyone.