Charles Sturt University

Challenging conventions with an Australian first

In order to stand out among a sea of print and public transport campaigns from fellow distant education providers leading up to enrolment season, we had to think fresh.

Research showed there was a large group of people who are always on the verge of signing up for an online course or degree, but who never quite get around to it.

The reasons were many and varied and included procrastination, fear of technology, lack of confidence and misperceptions around timings, flexibility and level of support.

A more pragmatic solution was required that tackled these barriers head on and nudged people into action.

The solution:

Australia’s first Virtual Open Day.

Just like in the off-line world, future students would get to interact with teachers and fellow students, attend information sessions and talk to career advisors. They’ll be able to test-drive the product and offered technical support. Finally, they’ll get help to find the courses and schedules that best suit their individual needs before being guided through the application process.

At the end of the day there’d be no more excuses not to finally get started on your degree.